Through Write The Vision, I offer the following services for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts:


Copy Editing

Developmental Editing

Book Coaching (help with the publication process, whether you choose traditional publishing or want to publish independently).

I am an editor, an author and an avid reader, and I bring all three perspectives to every manuscript I edit. I have twelve + years of experience editing both independently published works and editing for traditional publishers (such as Lighthouse Publishing Of The Carolinas).

I’m a stickler for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage, and I see these kinds of errors easily without needing to rely on the MS Word spell and grammar checker. I have no problem with whether or not I should use "your" or "you're," or "their," "they're" or "there" in a particular sentence. I don't have to think twice to know that someone has a flair for the dramatic and not a flare, and I know that two lions should not be written as "Two lion's.

I've read over a thousand books in my lifetime and sat under good teaching at a variety of writing conferences; from these experiences, I've gained insight on how a good book should flow. If a book starts off slowly, I know how to rearrange a chapter or two in order to grab the reader's attention and not let it go until they reach the end of the book. My own novels are self-published; I learned a lot from having those books edited and apply that experience to my own editing projects. I’ve also contributed to four anthologies through different companies, and have learned a lot about the publishing process through them.                        

               Writing consultation

Evaluation of any manuscript to ascertain its publishability (yes I made that word up J ) and what it needs to get there. Information on how to self-publish and promote your book.                                        


The definitions below are how Write The Vision defines each of the various stages of the process of editing a manuscript. You may find differing definitions on other sites.

Proofreading- Check any document for grammar/spelling only

Copy Editing- Proofreading plus check for word usage, sentence structure and flow of the narrative.

Content Editing- Check the manuscript for story flow, clarity, accuracy and overall readability. Reorganize the order of the story as necessary to improve the above items.

Developmental Editing- Assist the author in shaping the entire manuscript: develop the story’s plot, rewrite as requested, make suggestions as to the proper genre for the work                                


Write The Vision strives to offer quality services for affordable rates. The average rate for editing is $3.00 per page, but WTV tailors editing rates to the individual project, the needs of the author and said author’s budget. 

Initial consultation on any extensive writing project- $75.00 (one hour session). 

Manuscripts to be submitted double spaced, minimum font size of 10 to render them readable. ½ of the payment for a project is due at the beginning, with the remainder due upon completion. Payment plans are available. Payments accepted via PayPal (which accepts all credit and debit cards).

Write The Vision defines “page” as: A complete page, double spaced, font size 10-12, one inch margins all around, average of 250 words per page (the average words per page differs by the writer). There is no charge for the title page or the copyright page. The title page is included in the page count only if the client asks to have said page created or redone. In the case of longer manuscripts (over 300 pages), the author may request to submit said manuscript single spaced: such requests are accepted or rejected on a project by project basis.                           



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