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The Soul of a Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler is a collection of poignant stories from the perspective of the African American man.

The intention of this thought-provoking work is to enlighten the world on how the minds of distinguished African American men work. This powerful anthology is truth and affirmation in their words from their worlds with their voices spoken their way. The voices of African American men can echo across this land capturing the attention of many. From socio-economic barriers, to racial tensions, the Black Lives Matter Movement, broken hearts, to new found faith-experience the plight of man, as only he can explain it, told from his perspective and from his heart.

Through expressions of the history of his past, the reality of his present, and the optimism of his future, these gifted men relate what stirs a man's soul and ignites his actions and his thinking. Men the world over have always been much maligned and strident in how life portrays and prefaces their successes and failures. This collection of enlightening stories personifies the sentiment, faith, resilience and love embodied in the creation God made in His own image. The Soul of a Man is a Divine truth and an affirmation of the passion running through the minds of men where hearts and souls are bared. This book may not change the world but it will change someone’s world and will give the world a new view, vantage point and keen insight on what lies in the heart and souls of men.

Breathing Problems by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

Eric Garner’s last words before his death in police custody were “I can’t breathe!” As Black men in America, we all experience that sensation sooner or later. “Breathing Problems” is my look at the unique difficulties associated with being a Black man in a country that doesn’t always welcome us.