Excerpt from Family Matters

           “Code blue! We’re losing him!”

          The EMTs hustled the gurney containing Erik Dawson’s broken body into the operating room, where the surgical team waited. The nursing staff literally ripped his clothes off as they worked to stabilize him.

             “What do we have here?” the lead surgeon asked.

            His assistant didn’t bother to look up as she answered. “Auto accident-an eighteen wheeler smashed his car into a guardrail.”

            The lead surgeon whistled through his teeth. “It’s a miracle he’s still breathing. Let’s keep him that way.”

            As the surgical team moved into action with skill born of practice, Erik drifted on the fringes of consciousness.

          What, Erik thought. Where?

          Anesthesia put him under, but as the doctors began their work and his parents prayed fervently in the waiting room, Erik spasmed and stopped breathing.

         A nurse approached CC with a bag in her hand.

          “Here are Erik’s personal effects. Best keep them safe-he’ll need them when he recovers.”

          CC slumped into a chair, grateful for something to do to break the monotony of waiting. She smiled as she catalogued the contents of the small bag: wallet, car and house keys, broken cell phone, breath mints, receipt from a flower shop- and teared up just as quickly at the realization that he was clearly heading out on a Valentine’s Day date and that she had no idea who he was on his way to see when the crash happened.

          Thurman was there with a tissue before the first tear could slide all the way off her face.

          “What kind of mother am I?” Her voice was a ragged shadow, devoid of its usual sass and fire. “I can run Lydia Enterprises without a hitch, but I’ve barely spoken to my own son in over a year, and over a stupid argument! I had no idea Erik was seeing Talia until she came through the door. I didn’t even know he was dating anyone!”

          She held up Erik's wallet, which was covered in crushed rose petals. The image stunned both of them to momentary silence.

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 My contribution to this anthology is entitled Family Matters. Erik Dawson and his mother Charlotte "CC" Dawson are barely on speaking terms after an argument, but when tragedy strikes, both of them must do some soul-searching to get to the root of their estrangement.  

"Through powerful and insightful stories, Home Again reminds us all through the power of God, the importance of family and forgiveness."

Elissa Gabrielle, Award-winning Author and Publisher

 This anthology from Micah 6:8 Books features short stories about the restoration of relationships. Wanda' Campbell's "friends" include Dr. Linda F. Beed, Pastor Bernard Boulton, Tavares Carney, Shenette Jones, Tyora Moody, Dijorn Moss, Trinea Moss and myself. You can learn more at www.micah68books.com.