The Search For Susu- T.M.-Giggetts and Marcella Mccoy-Deh

 Dr. Francine Carty is on a journey to self-improvement that seems to be taking entirely too long for her tastes. As an adjunct professor at Ravencrest College, Francine isn’t making enough money to live comfortably, and as a proud Caribbean-American, she won’t apply for food stamps or any other sort of government benefit that would help her make ends meet. After turning down a chance to become an exotic dancer, she looks for other second jobs, including a stint as a phone sex operator.

As she seeks to move forward in her educational career, she enjoys an on again off again relationship with fellow professor Garrison McQueen. He encourages her to strive for more, and to take better care of her fibromyalgia condition. Francine quits her phone sex job, takes a part-timer as a bartender and pushes harder to reach her dreams. She seeks mentorship from several influential women, and finds herself with the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to apply for an invitation only grant that would make her career- and that was underwritten by the mother of Garrison’s ex-girlfriend

With help from her mentors, Francine finds herself awarded not one, but two prestigious fellowships, and has the chance to study abroad in Ghana, a place where she’s always wanted to go. Unfortunately, she’s not there long before an unfortunate incident (fueled by an interaction between her fibro medication and alcohol) causes her public humiliation. She is released from the first fellowship, but free to proceed with the second.

Francine is now at a crossroads: she can either wallow in shame or move forward, using her setback to her advantage. She can either try to hold onto hope for her relationship with Garrison or move forward from him as well- both options are there for her.

I enjoyed the story- Francine’s journey was compelling and hard to step away from. I enjoyed how her past (and that of her parents) impacted her present and future. It was a bit difficult to follow the story at some points, but not so much so that I couldn’t continue reading. As this was the first in a series, I look forward to more work from these authors.

I received an ARC for an honest review of this work.

Chizellé T. Archie hails from Atlanta, Georgia by way of the sunny Gulf Coast of Mobile, Alabama. She is a Registered Nurse for the Infectious Disease Program with Grady Health Systems.

Several years ago, after noticing the alarming statistics of the HIV rate of African American women, Chizellé became fed up with the way her African-American brothers and sisters (young alike), were beginning to settle for any and everything, in that having safe sex was not an option anymore. Lastly, what disturbed her most was there are so many people sitting in the church pews each Sunday masking their hurt, because of the stigma associated with this epidemic, and yet the one place they feel most comfortable is the one place that leaves them feeling so alone.

In 2010, Chizellé landed on the literary scene with authority, and it was with great fortitude that she penned her debut novel, The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond, in which her life experiences have allowed her to grab hold and take nothing less, realizing she is a Diamond! She continues the story in the sequel, His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy!


Tyora Moody is the author of the Soul-Searching Suspense novels in the Serena Manchester Series, the Victory Gospel Series and the Eugeena Patterson Mysteries. As a literary-focused entrepreneur, she has assisted countless authors with developing an online presence via her design and marketing company, Tywebbin Creations LLC.  Popular services include virtual event planning, social media management, book trailers and book covers.  She is also the author of the nonfiction book, The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, and the host of The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast.

Tyora won 2nd Place for the 2014 Yerby Award for Fiction. She is the 2013 Urban Literary Awards Debut Author Winner and 2013 Urban Literary Awards Mystery / Thriller / Suspense Winner.  Tyora is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. For more information about her  literary endeavors, visit her online at

Marcella McCoy-Deh

THE AUTHORS                                


Victoria Diamond Bouviér is back!

Now living in Atlanta, Georgia, as CEO of Diamond Investments, wife to husband, Marcel, and mother; this time she gets way more than she bargains for. Life for Victoria has become a never-ending cycle, and on top of it all she has the arduous task of being the mother to Gabrielle Grace Cartiér, a thirteen-year old trapped in the body of a twenty-one year old, who just happens to be a child prodigy! Can you say thermodynamics by age 5? OMG...

In this modern day epic, Gabrielle deals with the daily woes of teenage-hood, but like most girls her age, her mind isn't all focused on the books. Hers is set on other things like being the flyest girl at Benetton Prep Academy, along with getting her one true love, Andrew Harrison, 23-year old owner of Club Etcetera.

 When Gabrielle gets a Facebook "friend request" from Rishard "Big Pimpin'" McCants, her life takes a new direction. Following the "Rule Book" her best friend, Quinn, authors, Gabrielle grows up faster than she can imagine. Once she discovers love, sex, drugs, and money doesn't equal to three, she suddenly has help remembering what does, but is it too late?

 As Victoria tries to balance life, love, and health, she once again gets caught in a web of past treachery and deceit. It's said, what's done in the dark, comes to light, so be careful who you sleep with. Generational curses can be lethal! With her ride or die bestie, Lucy, by her side, will Victoria learn that even in motherhood with God anything is possible? IJS...



EUGEENA PATTERSON is not happy about her next-door neighbor, Louise Hopkins, being sent to live in a nursing home. Without her fellow neighborhood watch buddy, Sugar Creek isn’t the same anymore. In fact, life after retirement has become a whole new adventure of exploring social media and blogging.

While she tries not to meddle into her adult children’s lives, Eugeena can’t help but dish out relationship advice.  Eugeena’s own budding romance with Amos Jones has her emotions in upheaval.  Is she really finding love again as she turns sixty?

When a stranger reveals a stunning secret about Louise’ past, Eugeena questions if the young woman’s claim is for real or if she is a con artist? Roping in Amos for help, Eugeena digs up a few skeletons from her elderly friend’s closet.  When Eugeena stumbles upon a long forgotten murder case, she realizes the layers of a long dormant secret still have the potential to be deadly.

T.M. Giggetts

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