EXCERPTS from Blessed Assurance

Baby Blues by Patricia Haley-Glass

"…'I know this is an enormous and, perhaps, bizarre request… I want you to have my husband's baby'…."

A Sprig of Hope by Jacquelin Thomas

"…Her delicate beauty haunted him night and day, making her his one obsession…."

Lust and Lies by S. James Guitard

"…Lustful rendezvous and misguided love have me lying in the bed while lying to a woman who I know deep down doesn't really love me…."

 Sword of the Lord by Terrance Johnson

"…I'm a fighter, a warrior. Wherever there's a brawl, I try to be in the center…."

The Best of Everything by Victoria Christopher Murray

"…Pastor Ford hesitated for a second before she asked, 'Would you want a child if it wasn't God's will; if that wasn't His purpose for your life?'…"

 Traveling Mercies by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

      Fragments of memory flashed through his head. Matt saw fists descending mercilessly from all sides, but he couldn’t remember who those fists belonged to. He did know that he had been moved recently; instead of bleeding on a cold, hard pavement, he had awakened in a hospital bed, looking up at a woman.

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The first of its kind, this Christian fiction anthology features six diverse authors bringing the Bible to life in a unique way. Each author took an account from the Bible and brought it to life in a modern context.

           THE AUTHORS

STORIES (in order of appearance)

"Baby Blues" by Patricia Haley

Based on the story of Abraham and Sarah, this story lets us better understand the importance of timing, patience, and consequences of operating in God's permissive will versus God's perfect will for our lives.

"Traveling Mercies" by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

Based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, this story teaches us not to place limitations on how and through whom God may send a blessing, and our responsibility to help people whom we often do not know.

"A Sprig of Hope" by Jacquelin Thomas

Based on the story of Tamar (daughter of King David), this story acknowledges that while tragedy, sadness and betrayal are unfortunate parts of life, there is healing, restoration and happiness if we place our trust in God.

"Lust and Lies" by S. James Guitard

Based on Samson and Delilah, this story reminds us of the temptations of lust, the importance of honesty, the dangers of sin and the significance of repentance.

"Sword of the Lord" by Terrance Johnson

Based on the story of Jephthah, this story confirms that our pasts can't define us if we give our futures to God and that we all at some time or another need to forgive as well as receive forgiveness.

"The Best of Everything" by Victoria Christopher Murray

Based on the story of Hannah, this story gives the reader a better level of appreciation and thankfulness for what God has already done in our lives, which provides us with strength to endure in the midst of a crisis as well as give us patience as we await new blessings.