They sauntered around the gym, and quickly learned that there was a bad case of selective amnesia going around. Despite the fact that Barkley worked out there four times a week, nobody knew who he was, where he lived or who his friends were besides Gator.   

Fred looked at Raoul as they completed their last circuit of the gym. “What now, Columbo?”  

Raoul smiled as they neared the locker rooms. “We improvise. And by the way, I’m sorry.”  

“For what?”  


Raoul stuck his foot between Fred’s legs, and when Fred stumbled, Raoul pushed with his right arm and sent Fred flying into the women’s locker room. As screams arose, Raoul moved towards the exit. The receptionist went to investigate, leaving her files unattended. Raoul found and copied Barkley’s contact information, and, his task completed, returned the way he came.  

Fred emerged from the locker room amid shouts and hurled objects. Raoul barely kept from laughing as angry and hastily covered-up women looked out to ensure Fred wasn’t coming back in.  

“Relax ladies, his foot slipped. It could happen to anyone.”  

They glared after Fred as he and Raoul left. Fred’s face was bright red, but he didn’t say a word as they got back in Raoul’s car. He handed Fred the address as he put his key in the ignition.  

“This where he lives?”  

“Yup. Maybe we’ll find something there that’ll lead us to Wade. We could wrap this up by tomorrow.”  

Fred glared at him. “Good. Because when this is over, I’m gonna break your legs.”  

Raoul stepped on the gas and roared off down the block, his laughter ringing out loudly.


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Here, Fred and Raoul are investigating a lead in the kidnapping of one of Yolanda's students. Fred learns that Raoul has- - -unique methods of getting information.

As Fred Bennett transitions from player to prayer, his heart leans towards his friend Yolanda.           

Child Recovery Specialist Raoul Carizales is at the top of his profession and seeks someone to share his success. He is determined to win Yolanda's heart, especially if it means humiliating Fred in the process.Successful in her teaching career, Yolanda Mason believes her social life is at a standstill. Now she faces a choice: Fred or Raoul?           

After a whirlwind romance, Max and Donna Carson must adjust to the realities of marriage. Between the transition from single to married life and their increasing roles in the ministry of their church, their friendships with Fred and Yolanda are strained.

Dr. Randy Errell is physically rich, but spiritually empty. Is running his clinic enough or will he risk his heart again?      


When one of Yolanda's students is abducted, Raoul is hired to solve the case. Assigned by his newspaper to cover the story, Fred and Raoul must put their differences aside to bring the boy home safely.           

Fred, Yolanda, Max, Donna, Raoul and Randy are confronted with trials that seem beyond their ability to cope. God's presence in their lives or the lack thereof will make or break their situations.