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Welcome to my web site! If you're here, you're either interested in learning more about my writing and my writing ministry called Write The Vision or you accidentally got the wrong link when you Googled. Either way, I'm glad you're here.

Through Write The Vision, my goal is to present and to help others present life-affirming works of fiction and nonfiction. My personal focus is on Christian fiction, meaning that my work reflects my relationship with Jesus Christ. You won't find any profanity, graphic sex or otherwise objectionable material in my work- just good, interesting reads.

I am also here to help you, the aspiring author, novice author or veteran author with your editing needs. As an author myself, I know the value of a good editor in helping an author put his or her best literary foot forward, and I enjoy providing such service to those who need it.If you need to contact me, you can e-mail me at writevision2000@yahoo.com or visit me on Facebook or Twitter.

God bless!

Maurice M. Gray, Jr